POD is Going Green!

Carbon Neutral-3Paws On Durham is Going Green!  Yes, it’s true, we are a small but growing company in the heart of Durham, NC. Our passion is caring for pets and to ensure they are loved as our very own (Visit our Vision, Mission and Core Values Page). We believe in being not only great stewards of pets, but great neighbors and partners. Paws On Durham is a firm believer of corporate social responsibility, which includes caring for our planet with same love and attention we give to your pets. As part of that effort, (drum role please….) Paws On Durham is going carbon neutral! As part of our Going Green campaign, Paws On Durham is working to help to curb global warming by:
  • Purchasing carbon credits to offset our carbon emissions through Carbonfund.org
  • Assigning pet sitters according to proximity of clients to reduce travel time
  • Using online reservation and profile systems to reduce paper waste
  • Using Energy Star and low energy consumption office machinery and natural light and CDL bulbs in corporate and home offices to reduce energy consumption
Learn more about our initiative and how we're being good stewards of the planet by visiting our POD is Going Green page!

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