One of the great things about being a pet sitter and owning my own business is that no two days are ever the same. We have our share of daily visits to cats, dogs, and reptiles, but this week we were given the opportunity to care for two senior dogs and a senior cat. I have a soft spot in my heart for older animals, as we recently lost our 15-year old pug, Monty, and our 10-year old pug, Lulu. They were my most special pups and I miss them dearly. However, I thoroughly enjoy meeting with clients who have senior pets. There is something to be said for a pup or kitty who moves a little slower and has quite a bit of grey mixed into their fur. I met with Maddie’s owner a few days prior to the service dates, and my heart melted the second I saw her. What struck me was her sweet face and her eyes that shone not only experience and wisdom, but a spark of life, curiosity, and playfulness. However, Maddie’s spark was hindered by her 12-year old body. Her hips and hind legs slowed her down considerably, and there was a noticeable gate to her walk that limited her speed and the distance walked. That’s not to say, her mind and heart didn’t try though! Maddie is a beautiful girl who reminded me of the special bond between dogs and humans. I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but beauty and an inner peace. Taylor is a very special kitty, who like Maddie, is only limited to what she can do by her frail, tiny body. At 17-years old, one would think Taylor is well past her prime. However, this special calico is still curious, vocal, loving, and agile. Granted, Taylor is not able to do the things she used to, but her spirit is still very much intact. A gift to her owner when she was in the fifth grade, Taylor remains a steadfast companion to the owner who is now about to graduate from dental school. Taylor is a very special kitty who is well loved and cared for by her owner. The special bond between the two cannot be broken and will continue to endure even as they are about to start a new chapter in their lives together. We were also given the opportunity to care for another sweet pup who at the ripe age of nearly 17-years, was considered quite the daddy’s girl. Polly as she was known, was a beautiful dachshund who battled cancer and won, lived with Cushing’s disease, was blind and deaf, and was definitely secure with herself and her surroundings. Though she could not see nor hear, Polly definitely knew we were strangers to her home and followed us during the entire consult to ensure we didn’t step out of line. When we concluded the consult, we left knowing we were going to have a great time getting to know Polly and her parents. Unfortunately, I was notified a few days later that Polly took an unexpected turn for the worse. Polly’s parents had to make the unfortunate decision to relieve their poor girl from her suffering. It was a sad end for tough little dachshund with lots of spunk and attitude. In the time I’ve been writing a blog, I’ve found writing about puppies or kittens is easy. After all, there is so much energy and cuteness to talk about. From my perspective, however, writing about senior pups and kitties is just as easy due to the immensity of their personalities. As I cared for Maddie and Taylor, I often sat with them and petted and touch their soft fur. I looked into their gentle eyes and realized like a senior human, they are full of memories and experiences. They too were once puppies and kittens, but they have grown into beautiful and wonderful creatures who love their owners and the life which is theirs. Though they can’t always get around easily or they may suffer from ailments unknown, they are integral parts of their families. They give comfort, life, hope, warmth, licks, purrs, and above all else, they give unconditional love that only they understand and have experienced with each year that has passed. I am honored to be given the opportunity to care for my clients’ pets and to know that I too will be part of the memories engrained in the lives of their wonderful animals.

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