Lulu in the sun–3 years later

I think back to the special moments that I’ve enjoyed through my life, but it’s usually the simple things that stand out in my memory: a beautiful, crisp blue South Dakota sky; the rumble of thunder during a Texas rainstorm; the sound of the wind as it whispers through the North Carolina pines; and a perfect sunbeam shining on the floor of our home on a crisp autumn day. I count my most perfect days as lying on the floor with my pups, warming us together in our little pack.


Lying on the floor with my dogs has always been a special bonding moment. Monty was usually content lying next to me. His sweet snoring showing his contentment and pleasure. Lulu, on the other hand, always had to have the vantage point of lying on my stomach, chest, or balancing on my side. Her warm body resting on me and her breath on my cheek were always welcome and calming. Our little pack was complete… breathing and existing in unison. The sunbeam warming our bodies and encouraging a chorus of human and doggie snores.

Even though three years have passed since I had to say goodbye to my Lulu, her memory lives on in my work with clients and my life with new pugs, Angus and Olive. She reminds me how short and special life is; what unconditional love is; and how sacrifices must be made when we need to say goodbye. Lulu is never far from me and she is always in my heart and memories. Find the sweet spot in the sun sweet, Lulu… I look forward to touching your warm body and the feel of your breath on my cheek again.

Goodnight Sweet Pup

In Latin-American culture, they celebrate the Day of the Dead. The celebration roughly occurs around the same time as our Halloween. Skulls, ghosts, skeletons, and elaborate costumes ring in the day to commemorate and montycelebrate relatives and friends who have passed. Everything from parties (fiestas), revelry, and even dining at cemetery gravesites takes place to let the one(s) who have passed join in and celebrate. It’s an amazing thing to experience…celebrating the dead.

Three years ago today, my special and loving little pug, Monty knew it was time to leave my side. His tired old and broken body could not carry the burden any longer. He left me sometime in the middle of the night, quietly, in his little dog bed. His sister, Lulu snoozing in her bed next to him. It wasn’t until the morning came that I found him in his lifeless slumber. At the time, all I felt was grief and longing. It was hard to remember his wonderful presence and love through the tears. It was even harder to imagine any normalcy in my life. My pup was gone.

Through the fast passing years, I’ve been able to move forward with life and the business, which I developed in homage to pups Monty and Lulu. Their special love and devotion drives me to ensure the pets we care for receive all the care and nurturing they deserve. It’s a special thing to go into someone’s home and care for their pets. The trust placed in us to care for not only the home but a member of the family is immense. However, the rewards are boundless: constant tail wagging, a lick of the ear, rubbing on the leg, a gentle meow, or a happy bark! All help to keep in perspective how special a bond we have with these beautiful animals.

Monty is gone, but he is never forgotten. Eighteen years have passed since he entered my life, and yet, I still remember the softness of his ears, the smell of his fur, and the sweetness of his snore. He sits on my mantle at home, in a little box that looks nothing like him, but I know he’s there. I say goodnight to him every night and touch the box so he knows I’m here too. It may sound silly to some, but to me, I celebrate him in my own special way.

There’s no Day of the Dead celebrations for pets, but if there were, it would be an everlasting celebration of playing fetch, digging holes, chewing on a good bone, and lying in a sunbeam. I look forward to the day I see him again…neither of us in pain, both of us whole, and forever walking in the sun.

10,000lbs. Pet Food Donated to Meals on Wheels!

Paws On Durham has collected and donated over 10,000 lbs. of pet food to the Meals on Wheels of Durham pet program!

When we started our partnership with Meals on Wheels (MOW) of Durham a little over a year ago, we never anticipated the outpouring of support, kindness, and interest in providing pet food for the pets of seniors who receive MOW services.  MOW of Durham delivers over 500 meals a day, and roughly one half of those seniors have pets.  As most of these seniors are on a fixed income, many of them would share their people food with their pets, thereby depriving themselves of the much-needed nutrition.  The pet food donations allow the seniors to enjoy their healthy people food, while their pets enjoy pet appropriate food.10000lbs Graphic2

So who provided all these donations? Amazing Paws On Durham customers and other caring, good people and businesses of our Durham community!  The word has gotten out that Paws On Durham is a central player in collecting and delivering pet food to MOW.  Durham citizens contact Paws On Durham directly to either drop off pet food or have it picked up.  Businesses such as Wal-Mart Store #1614 on Glenn School Road, Other End of the Leash, Nosh Café, Carver Street Animal Hospital, West Side Animal Hospital, The Lofts at Lakeview, Berkshire Ninth Street, and Hope Animal Rescue have all participated in this impactful program!

Our challenge for the rest of 2016 is to continue to get the word out about this program.  Tell your family, friends, neighbors, and local businesses about the need to allow our seniors to enjoy their meals provided by Meals on Wheels without having to share their people food with their animals. By continuing our donations of pet food for the MOW program, seniors can eat their people food, and the pets can eat their pet food!

So, next time you’re at the grocery store or pet store, pick up an extra bag or can of food and either drop it off at one of the following locations or give us a call and we will pick it up. We thank you for joining us in supporting Meals on Wheels’ mission to care for Durham seniors!

  • Paws on Durham, 1921 N Pointe Dr #215, Durham, NC 27705 (919) 627-8738
  • Nosh, 2812 Erwin Rd #101, Durham, NC 27705
  • Carver Street Animal Hospital, 2703 Carver St, Durham, NC 27705
If you live in either of the following apartment complexes, donation boxes are in the main offices:
  • Berkshire Ninth Street
  • The Lofts at Lakeview