Parting Thoughts from a Paws On Durham Team Member

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Paws On Durham team member Tiff S. is moving on to bigger and better things in her life.  Tiff joined the team in November 2013 and quickly embraced the ideals and mission of Paws On provide exceptional pet care to Durham pets and their humans. Prior to Tiff's departure, I asked her to provide some insights on her experience a POD pet sitter. The words below provide a touching look into the world of a pet sitter. Tiff has been a great addition to the team, and we know she will continue to excel in all her endeavors!  Best wishes Tiff...You will be missed!   0152122444f7a1d8f5263091ec90c37c5ab7d85e75My one piece of advice to those of you who are joining this company: Run. Because you will need to rethink everything you thought you knew about caring for animals. You will need to meet standards of pet care that are not your own, for people you will likely only meet once, for animals that were not raised under your house nor your rules. Your schedules will be sporadically, and sometimes spontaneously, cut up and framed with visits to people’s houses. Your clothes will be covered in fur, or urine, or paw marks, or all three. I suggest you run. Before you find out what the word “trust” truly means, whether it is in the form of a stranger giving you keys to her house or having a strange dog willingly walk out the door with you. You will carry the stress of knowing that this dog, the one that is dragging you down the street, means the world to somebody. Run before you feel the true weight of the words “thank you,” because I warn you these owners say it with all their hearts. Run before you are sucked into a community of people, each unique with their own stories and hardships, before you are caught exchanging pleasantries with them, then conversations, then perhaps even friendships. I kid you not. The biggest mistake I made was deciding to stay. Because I found myself responsible for these homes, their animals, and this company. I found myself buying chews when a client’s existing stock ran out, just because I knew her dogs would enjoy them before she returned from her trip. I took it out of my own time to text an owner instructions for constructing a toy, just because I saw the drive in her dog and it inspired me. And I came to love those crazy dogs, cats, and people. I was silly enough to stay and now that it is time for me to go, it is hard. So run, you fools!    

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