Over 1850 lbs Donated!Paws On Durham attended the 40th anniversary celebration of Meals on Wheels of Durham yesterday. The celebration brought together volunteers, drivers, board members, and supports from across our fine city.  It was a great way to recognize those who support the program, but more importantly, the very important mission of the organization.  

MOW currently serves over 500 meals to senior citizens in the Durham area.  Roughly half of those seniors have pets.  Enter Paws On Durham Pet Sitting. We are committed to providing pet food to MOW throughout the year.  Since our partnership began, we've delivered over 1850 lbs. of food to MOW for distribution to seniors who have pets!  

The donations we provide come from our customers, apartment complex partnerships, veterinary offices, and our biggest donator, Walmart Stores, Inc., on Glenn School Road.  The outcome of these donations is real and evident.  Seniors who receive MOW meals are able to take in the nutrition they need from their human meals, while their pets can enjoy pet food donated from the community.

We're proud of our partnership with MOW of Durham, and we look forward to serving our human and pet community!

If you'd like to make a donation to the Meals on Wheel Pets program, please contact us at 919.627.8738 or email us at info@pawsondurham.com.    

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