Meals On Wheels Update…Nearly 100 lbs. of pet food delivered!

It's only been six days since we announced our partnership with Meals On Wheels of Durham, and I'm excited to inform everyone Paws On Durham customers/friends have already donated nearly 100 lbs. of much needed dog and cat food!  Way to come through for the pets of seniors who receive meals from the area Meals on Wheels program. We delivered our first round of bags and cans of dog/cat food today in the nick of time.  Meals On Wheels, Executive Director, Gale Adland informed us the program has run out of dog food and is very low on cat food.  As Meals On Wheels does not budget for pet food, the program relies solely on pet food donations.  Over half of the seniors who participate in the program have pets, so the ongoing need for pet food is dire. As always, there is no obligation to use Paws On Durham services to participate in our pet food donation/pick-up program.  Contact us at (919)627-8738 or email: to schedule a pick-up of your items.  Click here for more information on needed items. Thanks for your donations! Sincerely, Anthony

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