Lulu in the sun–3 years later

I think back to the special moments that I’ve enjoyed through my life, but it’s usually the simple things that stand out in my memory: a beautiful, crisp blue South Dakota sky; the rumble of thunder during a Texas rainstorm; the sound of the wind as it whispers through the North Carolina pines; and a perfect sunbeam shining on the floor of our home on a crisp autumn day. I count my most perfect days as lying on the floor with my pups, warming us together in our little pack.


Lying on the floor with my dogs has always been a special bonding moment. Monty was usually content lying next to me. His sweet snoring showing his contentment and pleasure. Lulu, on the other hand, always had to have the vantage point of lying on my stomach, chest, or balancing on my side. Her warm body resting on me and her breath on my cheek were always welcome and calming. Our little pack was complete… breathing and existing in unison. The sunbeam warming our bodies and encouraging a chorus of human and doggie snores.

Even though three years have passed since I had to say goodbye to my Lulu, her memory lives on in my work with clients and my life with new pugs, Angus and Olive. She reminds me how short and special life is; what unconditional love is; and how sacrifices must be made when we need to say goodbye. Lulu is never far from me and she is always in my heart and memories. Find the sweet spot in the sun sweet, Lulu… I look forward to touching your warm body and the feel of your breath on my cheek again.

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