Circus Act…by Guest Contributor, Lindsay Gulla

CIRCUS ACT Young 1I recently had the pleasure of pet sitting for a family who spent Memorial Day weekend camping. I was responsible for the love and care of their ten pets! This lively bunch consisted of four dogs (Champ, Coco, Samantha and Sampson), five cats (Diego, Coon, Gato, Nala, and Simba) and a turtle (Turdie). They were quite an amusing group! During an evening visit I had completed my usual routine of providing all of the animals with fresh food and water. After tidying up inside, I headed outside to play ball with the dogs. Unbeknownst to me, these fur babies had other plans and coordinated a circus performance for me! ACT I: Bird Hunt young3aA few minutes passed when I heard birds squealing like crazy in the very back of the yard. I ran over to the fence to find Champ with a small bird in his mouth! Champ is the “old man” of the group and suffers from arthritis, tumors, and poor sight/hearing. How he was able to find let alone, catch the bird is a feat in itself! He dropped it immediately, but it was so interesting but of course the other three pups had to join in on the fun. I was able to scoop up the bird and lay it to rest right before the other pups joined in.         ACT II: Sandbox Scuttle young3bCoco (5-year-old Dobie mix) and Samantha (1-year-old French Mastiff) decided they would keep me entertained by wrestling in the sandbox. As Coco plopped on her belly, Samantha figured it was the perfect opportunity to pounce.One large lunge forward was all it took and the two playfully went back and forth, rolling around and kicking sand everywhere. By the time play ended, it appeared they had spent the day at the beach! Young4b                     ACT III: Trampoline Bounce Young4aHave you ever seen a 200 pound French Mastiff try to jump on a trampoline? I have! Next up was Sampson (1-year-old French Mastiff), the biggest lap-dog of all time. He put his front paws on the trampoline, stood erect and looked me straight in the eye, as if to say, “Watch this!” As he desperately tried to kick his back legs up, I was keeled over and literally laughing out loud. Needless to say, I had quite an interesting night at the circus. Tired and panting, lying on the cool kitchen floor with their tongues hanging out, I thought to myself that they would get a good night’s sleep. What stinkers! It’s always great fun to experience the lives and antics of our clients’ pets. They all have such different personalities, quirks, needs, and wants, but one thing is constant with them all…They are all very special. This group in particular is full of life and they definitely require a strong "ring master" to keep them all in line.  I look forward to the next time I'm able to care for this happy, crazy, and classy circus act!    

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  1. Wow!! Is that really my life?!?! Glad you had a good time at our circus!! Well done Lindsay!! All of our babies were very well loved and cared for, thanks for doing a great job and putting our mind at ease.

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