Missing Sweet Monty–A Year Later

DSCN1074 It’s been a year since our faithful and sweet pup Monty decided to leave us on that Monday morning last year. I was about to depart for work when I walked into his room and discovered his lifeless 15-year old body, still warm as if only sleeping and waiting for his morning to begin. He looked so peaceful…resting with no pain or worries. Losing a pup like Monty is heartbreaking. We mourned him for months and when we lost his sister, Lulu a short while later due to cancer, we were devastated about the loss, quiet, and disruption to our happy household. Our routines and daily life came to a screeching halt and the silence in the house was deafening. The only solace came from the fact that Monty left us with so many good thoughts which enabled us to live our days with sweet memories of our boy. The year has passed so quickly, but the thought of Monty is still fresh in our minds. His soft fur, the way he smelled of corn chips, and his sweet disposition have helped us cope with his loss this year. From the moment I brought him home the day he left home, Monty brought us joy and comfort and evolved into a most special part of our family Monty’s remains sit on our mantel, and he is greeted every morning and bid a good night every evening. He still lives in our minds and thoughts and will forever be a part of our family. Continue to run and play with your sister, Lulu, sweet boy…until we meet again. We will love you forever.   [gallery type="rectangular" ids="1671,1670,1669,1668,1667,1666,1662,1663,1664,1665"]