Sue grew up in Maryland in a household with a dog, cats and the occasional fish and turtle. She moved to Durham over 30 years ago to start her career in Nursing and Public Health. Now retired, she has more time to indulge her love of animals. Sue has been the proud guardian of two mischievous cats, a black lab named Brutus, and now a 40 lb labradoodle named Nigel. Nigel keeps Sue apprised of all activities on her street and is her personal trainer, urging her to stay physically fit, well socialized and in good humor. She has volunteered at the Duke Lemur Center, enjoying the company of those amazing primates. Over the years, she has helped out her neighbors with their pets, providing play breaks, exercise, cuddle-time, walks and meals when their family is away. Occasionally, she is called upon to help with their pets’ medical treatments, medications or grooming. Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands! Having such wonderful animals throughout life has taught her that animals, like people, need someone who provides not just food and care, but also genuinely likes them and values them. Sue makes sure your pet is safe, cared for and loved while you are away.