Anthony is the founder and Owner of Paws On Durham Pet Sitting.  He's a native Texan, but moved to Durham in 2011 to work for Duke University's Nicholas School of the Environment.  While working for Duke, Anthony opened Paws On Durham as a part-time interest, but quickly realized that Durham's pets needed his services more than Duke did.   He left Duke, hired eight pet sitters, and has continued to grow the company to meet customer demands.  Anthony hasn't looked back since! Anthony is a 14-year veteran of the U.S. Air Force and was stationed in Germany, New Jersey, Alabama, South Dakota, Mississippi, and Texas.  Through all of his assignments and life, he's always owned pets and has been passionate about their wellbeing and safety.  From gerbils, hamsters, fish, cats and dogs, Anthony has always strived to provide his pets with a rich and loving existence.  In 2013, Anthony's lost his beloved pugs, Monty (15-years) and Lulu (10-years) unexpectedly, and in homage to them, has since dedicated the Paws On Durham mission to ensuring all pets cared for through the company are cherished and loved as faithful members of the POD family. Anthony enjoys traveling with wife, Liz, dabbling in the arts, and laying in sunbeams with his two sweet pug pups, Angus and Olive, and cat, Nico. He holds a Master’s degree in Organizational Management and is a Certified Professional Pet Sitter through Pet Sitters International (PSI). As with all POD pet sitters, Anthony is excited to meet new clients and is dedicated to ensuring your pets are cared for as his own!
Lynee´ hails from the Great State of Maryland. She moved to Durham to become a member of Duke Blue Devils Women’s Basketball Team and will graduate with the Class of 2018. Lynee´ is considering majoring in biology and hopes to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. Back home, Lynee´ and her family care for ten dogs including Cane Corsos, Presa Canaries, and a Maltese. She’s also cared for many animals including a python, a guinea pig, a rabbit, and schools of fish. Lynee´ has always loved and enjoyed animals, so caring for and loving your pets will be a great honor!
Paws On Durham Pet Sitting is hiring committed, loving, professional and reliable pet sitters/dog walkers who are available now and will remain in the area for the coming months. To be considered for this position, you must be available during the winter holidays. If you love animals, flexible hours, a nice supplemental income, and will be here for the foreseeable future, then we want to speak to you! We offer a great work atmosphere, incentives, and competitive wages. If you would like to join the team, you should have the following qualifications: Animal lover, will remain in Durham for the winter holidays, have your own car, committed, professional, able to communicate and follow directions, think on your feet, problem solve, deal with demanding customers, have fun, and enjoy loving other peoples' pets. Please visit our website at: to gain a better understanding of our mission. Fill out the application on the "Join our team" tab.
Carmen comes originally from Virginia. but moved to Durham in 2016 to work on her second degree: nursing. She’s grown up with a myriad of dogs and cats, and right before coming to Durham, lived on a farm with pigs, ducks, and sheep. She loves animals of all sizes, having taken care of everything from a guinea pig to horses, and even aided in a sea turtle rescue! She very much misses having furry companions of her own, but is very excited to be involved in the animal community of Durham with Paws on Durham.
Sarah is a native North Carolinian and just recently moved to Durham to pursue a Master’s degree at the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. She has always loved animals and growing up she cared for fish, hamsters and a rabbit that lived to be 13! She currently owns two spunky mixed breed dogs, Louie and Tucker. She will take care of your pet just like her own, with love and attention to detail. She cannot wait to get to know your pets and provide them with exceptional care while you’re away!
Sue grew up in Maryland in a household with a dog, cats and the occasional fish and turtle. She moved to Durham over 30 years ago to start her career in Nursing and Public Health. Now retired, she has more time to indulge her love of animals. Sue has been the proud guardian of two mischievous cats, a black lab named Brutus, and now a 40 lb labradoodle named Nigel. Nigel keeps Sue apprised of all activities on her street and is her personal trainer, urging her to stay physically fit, well socialized and in good humor. She has volunteered at the Duke Lemur Center, enjoying the company of those amazing primates. Over the years, she has helped out her neighbors with their pets, providing play breaks, exercise, cuddle-time, walks and meals when their family is away. Occasionally, she is called upon to help with their pets’ medical treatments, medications or grooming. Sometimes you just need an extra pair of hands! Having such wonderful animals throughout life has taught her that animals, like people, need someone who provides not just food and care, but also genuinely likes them and values them. Sue makes sure your pet is safe, cared for and loved while you are away.
Vicky is a mostly retired nurse. She moved to Durham 25 years ago and is originally from Ohio. She grew up always having a pet in the family whether it be dogs or cats. With retirement she enjoys much traveling with her husband so is unable to have a furry family at this time. She does use much of her time volunteering with a few local organizations such as IAR (independent animal rescue) and EENP (ears,eyes,nose,paws) which fosters and trains service dogs. Her other interests are yoga, running, and reading. She is grateful for the opportunity to care for others pets and believes that is where she feels the most purposeful.
Christina is originally from Reading, PA and now calls Durham home after graduating from Duke’s Physical Therapy program. She has grown up with pets her whole life and currently has 2 dogs: Wiley, a sweet rescue mutt from the Durham APS, and Talia, a 90-lb German shepherd goofball.  In her spare time, Christina enjoys hiking, brewing beer, and going on runs with Wiley. She loves all pets and will care for them as if they were her own rescue pup.
Melissa is a born and bred Jersey Girl! As a recent graduate of the musical theatre program at The Boston Conservatory, Melissa has appeared in many professional productions around Boston, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and New York. When not on stage, Melissa loves to spend as much time as she can with animals. She has been a dog walker/sitter for three years and has raised two dogs, two cats, a rabbit, a guinea pig, fish, and hermit crabs of her own. Melissa is sure to be a caring friend to your pet!