COVID-19 Pet Food Assistance

Help Durham pets and their HOOMANS!

This is our little slice of heaven, and the COVID-19 virus isn't welcome here! We're all doing out part to manage a bad situation, but there are many people without jobs, that have been displaced, and who are not able to purchase pet food for their beloved pets.

As such, Paws On Durham wants to help as many pets as we can, so we've started a GoFundMe funds drive to help those pet owners in need of assistance with purchasing pet food.

Our process is simple! The entire program is on the Honor System, but all we ask is you use your gift card for your pets' needs and food as this program is intended. Simple complete the form below, and we'll email you a $40 gift card to purchase items at one of Durham's local pet supply small businesses.

Please note, this offer is limited to Durham, NC residents only. Please only one gift card per household, per month.

In case you were wondering, there's no obligation to use our pet sitting services, nor will we contact you about our business. We respect you and your privacy and won't pass on your information to anyone else.

We will only be able to fill requests according to donated funds through GoFundMe. Once funds are gone...that's all we'll be able to do!

If you have any questions, please contact us. Feel free to pass on the GoFundMe link: to donate funds to our cause.

Thanks and be safe!

The Story of the Double Paw

The POD "double-paw" logo is an homage to Monty and Lulu, Anthony's beloved pugs who left his side in 2013.  Monty passed in September at age 15, and Lulu succumbed to cancer in October just 3 days shy of her 10th birthday.  Anthony was able to make an impression of both their paws prior to their passing and incorporated the image into the logo you see today.  Monty (blue paw) and Lulu (pink paw) will forever be a part of the POD pack and Anthony's life. Learn more about Monty here and Lulu here.