It's only been six days since we announced our partnership with Meals On Wheels of Durham, and I'm excited to inform everyone Paws On Durham customers/friends have already donated nearly 100 lbs. of much needed dog and cat food!  Way to come through for the pets of seniors who receive meals from the area Meals on Wheels program. We delivered our first round of bags and cans of dog/cat food today in the nick of time.  Meals On Wheels, Executive Director, Gale Adland informed us the program has run out of dog food and is very low on cat food.  As Meals On Wheels does not budget for pet food, the program relies solely on pet food donations.  Over half of the seniors who participate in the program have pets, so the ongoing need for pet food is dire. As always, there is no obligation to use Paws On Durham services to participate in our pet food donation/pick-up program.  Contact us at (919)627-8738 or email: to schedule a pick-up of your items.  Click here for more information on needed items. Thanks for your donations! Sincerely, Anthony
Paws On Durham (POD) is excited to announce our new relationship with Meals on Wheels of Durham, Inc. (MOW). As you may already know, MOW delivers nutritious meals, a safety check and the smile that serve as a lifeline to seniors of limited mobility. This combination goes well beyond fighting the battle against the hunger that threatens one in six of America’s seniors – it provides the support and peace of mind that enable them to remain safely and securely in their own homes as they continue to age. Meals on Wheels of Durham delivers over 340 meals daily to area seniors. A lesser known statistic shows over half of those seniors have pets! Many of the seniors who receive daily meals share their food with their beloved pets, thereby limiting the nutritional effectiveness of the meal program. While MOW does not budget for pet food, when able, the program provides pet food donated through outside sources. However, once the donated food runs out, the program is left to wait for additional donations in order to provide food for the seniors’ pets. This where you and Paws On Durham can help! Going forward, POD will accept food donations for cats and dogs to be delivered directly to Meals on Wheels of Durham. POD will even pick up your donated food at no cost or obligation to you. When you use our services in the future, you can leave donated food for your sitter, who will insure the food is delivered to MOW. We will also provide information on drop boxes, upcoming food donation events, etc. Additionally, monetary donations for the MOW program are always welcome through the MOW website:  Here’s a list of items which can be donated and will make a difference in the lives of area seniors and the pets they love:
  • Adult, small bites dry dog food: 2-5 lb. bags
  • Any variety, canned dog food: Pull top or pouch only
  • Adult, dry cat food: 2-5 lb. bags
  • Any variety, canned cat food: Pull top or pouch only
  • Highly digestible dog or cat treats. No rawhide products please.
If you would like to donate pet food for this worthy cause, please phone/text: (919)627-8738 or email: Your donation is tax deductible, and you will be given a receipt for the value of any items donated. Thank you for your shared interest in bettering the lives of area seniors and their pets. Together we can make all the difference. Sincerely,   Anthony Owner, Paws On Durham, LLC