Sorry! We are not accepting new clients at this time.

Due to personal reasons, we are not accepting new clients at this time.  We believe this is a temporary situation and will update this website when we are able to to accept new clients.  Please consider visiting one of the many fine professional pet sitters in our area for your pet sitting needs. Thanks for considering POD for your pet care needs, and please check back with us frequently for future needs.

Pet Sitting & Dog Walking – The Greater Durham Area

The Story of the Double Paw

The POD "double-paw" logo is an homage to Monty and Lulu, Anthony's beloved pugs who left his side in 2013.  Monty passed in September at age 15, and Lulu succumbed to cancer in October just 3 days shy of her 10th birthday.  Anthony was able to make an impression of both their paws prior to their passing and incorporated the image into the logo you see today.  Monty (blue paw) and Lulu (pink paw) will forever be a part of the POD pack and Anthony's life. Learn more about Monty here and Lulu here.